Fantaleggins  is brought to birth by Mara Bersacchi's idea, fitness technician, herself fitness athlete and sector businesswoman.

She deals with naturopathy and sport preparationsand you can contact her if is your desire to find again your lost physical condition or to achieve it for the first time; eliminate imperfections or increase your body tonicity. Mara will guide you in an as much hard process as efficient helping you, with phytotherapy and naturopathy, to get rid of little disorders like pimples, stomach acidity, annoying general intoxication symptoms or other little problems.

Her twenty-year long experience in sport business and fitness brought her around the world so that she got the chance to be aware of latest fashion trends, best yarns, suited and most valuable tissues. 

So she decided to propose even in Italy an e-commerce in which fancy women, that care about the quality of the fabrics of their clothing, can constantly find latest clothing, new technologies, fashion trends. 

The fusion of quality and uniqueness of colours and facies become Fantaleggins flag that  stands out just thanks to the accurate choose of the brands to offer. The "believe" not to suggest mediocre clothes or trashy fabrics, the company decision not to place low cost- low quality, makes a distinction for Fantaleggins in the area of fitness clothing thanks to its seriousness, trustworthiness and clients consideration.

In time Fantaleggins plans to amplify the brands, modeling designs and sectors adding even menswear and accessories, always by maintaining standard maximum levels for quality of their products. 

Mara is also the designer and creative of clothing line EL NAGUAL that you can find in our store; all El Nagual clothes are obviously Made in Brasil, to guarantee maximum textile technology standards, production and attention to wearing apparel.

You can find Mara Bersacchi and contact her through her various web channels:

Facebook: Fantaleggins


Youtube: Fantaleggins

Linkedln: MaraBesacchi

MARINA: Web writer per Fantaleggins:

Marina, atleta agonistica e detentrice di diversi titoli internazionali nel fitness si lascia guidare dalla sua passione per lo sport, la moda, la bellezza del corpo e l'informatica; unendo tutte queste sue passioni mette cuore e anima nel progetto Fantaleggins lavorando all'inserimento delle continue nuove collezioni, promozioni, offerte e tanto altro.

SARA: Web Social writer per Fantaleggins:

Sara, con un diploma di grafico alle spalle, frizzante e carica d'iniziativa sprigiona la sua vivacita' scrivendo sulle nostre pagine social: Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, Tumblr. Grazie a lei sarete sempre aggiornati in tempo reale su inziative, nuovi arrivi, eventi, comunicazioni, concorsi, premi e tutto cio' che riguarda il mondo Fantaleggins.

Potrete presto anche ammirarla di nuovo sulle pedane fitness Italiane come agonista categoria bikini.