return political system

The right to withdraw can be made within 14 days from delivery.

Shipping cost for refund is imposed on the purchaser. The returned product has to be undamaged, free

of alterations conteined in its original packaging and with undamaged and attached product label.

Returns or changes are not made for damages caused by washing mistakes. The company does not

respond in these cases:

- If the instructions given on labels are not followed.

- Supplex leggings should not be soak because they can stain.

-It's not a flaw but fabric characteristic.

- Do not bleach.

-Wash in low temperature, it would be preferable to hand wash.

-Do not iron.


The right of cancellation shall be subject to DL 206/2005 "Consumption Code" Section IV art. 64-67 and

subsequent amendments.

Right of cancellation is intended as (art. 64 (1)) "... customer's right to withdraw, for any reason and

without penalty, for purchase agreement concluded at a distance" (except as provided at point 4 of this

Directive). Right of cancellation consists in repayment of the amount paid by the Client against

surrenders of goods purchased and shall apply on a statutory on purchases by private consumers ("

individual who acts for purpose not reported to professional activity eventually performed"), so to the

exclusion of all the purchases made by Retailers and/or at large by business customers.

As rules above , the right of cancellation is bound by the terms below:

1. Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract made by a distance without penalty and without

disclosing the cause within a period of 14 calendar  days running from the receipt of goods certified from

pay-stubs signed by the courier.

2. If there has been direct retreat the 14 days start from the day of withdraw.

The right of cancellation shall be exercised in the following way:

Enter your ACCOUNT

click on ORDERS

click on DETAILS of the exact order;

at the bottom of the page appears the little square of the product of which you have to make the refund

and then click on the button


Within the time allowed at point 1, at this point you must send a written communication by registered A/R

letter at:

Fantaleggins c/o Mara Bersacchi,

Via Cadelora 766/B, 37056 Salizzole (VR) Italy.

In the text they must be traceable the following informations:

a) Name and surname of the client

b) address: it is recommended to add an email and phone contact

c) Reference to the number of tax receiptand to the number of shipping documents

d) The will to rescind from the purchase

e) Description of rendered item and paid amounts for them ( shipping costs not included)

The communication can be sent also by mail ( , within the same deadline, on

condition that it is confirmed by registered letter within the next 48 hours.

The registered letter is meant to be sent in due time if it's delivered to the postal office within the code's

timetable. The acknowledgement of receipt though is not essential condition to prove the exercise of the

right of cancellation. The bought good for which you want to avail of the right of cancellation has to be

undamaged, in perfect condition and returned in the original complete package.

According to law (Art. 67 (3) of DL 206/2005 “Consumption Code”), shipment costs regarding the goods

refund are charged to the Client, on whom devolves the complete responsibility till Fantaleggins gets

aknowledgement of receipt c/o its headquarters. Fantaleggins will not respond in any way for possible

damage, theft or loss of returned and uninsured consignments.

The returning good's shipment has to arrive complete of the authorization number for it c/o Fantaleggins

place within 10 days from communication of authorization number. This communication will take place

from Mara Bersacchi when client's post registration is received; otherwise the refund will be refused.

Once the products are in place they will be examined to assess any damage or temper (e.g. Use for

try). In case the lack of integrity condition of the good refund is identified, the right of cancellation totally

decades and Fantaleggins will return to sender the bought product recovering to him shipment costs

incurred for the new dispatch.

Where goods have suffered damage during the carriage, Fantaleggins will promptly report it to the Client

( 2 working days from the receiving day c/o our headquarter) to permit him to make a timely complaint to

the courier self chosen and to obtain reimbursement of the goods value (if insured). In this case the

product will be made available to the Client for the returning and at the same time recess request will be

annulled, since the product will be unavailabe in our company.

If the right of cancellation is performed in compliance with the provision of the art. 64 and 65 of DL

206/2005 “ Consumption Code”, Fantaleggins will refund the amount paid by the Client for the returned


The refund will take place as quickly as possible and anyway within and not later than 14 days from the

product's receipt.(art.67 (4)). We must inform our dear clients that the refund will take place using the

same methode of payment that they used at purchasing time : we therefore call on our dear clients that

used bank transfer, to please specify yor bank account details on the cancellation communication at its

sending time by postal registered letter so to accelerate repayment practice.

We remind our dear clients that since the 1

st of January 2008, in accordance with the intra-European

interchange guidelines, it is obligatory to use IBAN code even for the national transfers. Therefore it will

be necessary the notification of IBAN code to obtain reimbursement of sums paid out.