Shipping will be mananaged by SDA Express Courier SPA who will deliver on average in 1-2 WDs (timing can undergo fluctuations) for all Italian territory (islands + 1 day). 

Shipment fee is 5,50 euro for purchases up to 79,90 euro (Italy). For purchases over 79,90 euro deliver is free in all Italy. 

The cost for foreign country is 12,00 euro and is free for purchases over 150,00 euro.

Cash on delivery is not permitted overseas. 

Deliverys take place from mondays to fridays.

Drops are carried aut to the recipient's address that client stated but not necessarily in his hands. 

It's possible to request, by using whatsapp, e-mail and facebook, the delivery by appointment adding 6,00 euro. Request before order is complete. 

Whenever shipments are directed to receiving addresses with central service or unified, these will be delivered at such service. 

N° 2 attempts will be carried out with release of transit advice if there was failure of delivery attempt at the first deliver to receiving address.

In case there is fail to deliver at both SDA's delivery attempts the package will be deposited at SDA's storeroom of the area for 15 days in which recipient can pick up the package. 

Through the traceability, that Fantaleggins provides, it's also possible to request the release of stock and the redelivery. 

For the hand off will prevail the sign of the person who physically received the package at customer's address.

Client has double chance to track in real time  his shipment using the number of the same provided by mail at the moment of order completion.