alkalizing supplements

Essential welfare branch of every athlete as well as sedentary person, the acid-basic balance is human's health basis. Alkalizing mineral salts in the form of pure tribasic citrate can de-acidify our organism bringing it back to ideal and healthy conditions. A body that accumulate acid toxins(with nutrition, exercise and simple metabolism) is a body that in the long run builds up illnesses: arthritis/arthrosis, tiredness, kidney stones, liquid retention and body migrant pain. Acid toxins storage refers to 90% of the population. Buffer systems can't support large quantities of the consume of acids and in the long time kidney strain and the body accumulates these acids. To integrate with an alkali like tribasic citrate can make the difference by providing benefits such as: - fast muscle recovery -less muscle catabolism - relief of cramp and muscular spasms - dissolution of uric acid kidney stones - renal sand prevention ( gravel) - liquid retention and extra liquids removal- optimal thyroid and renal job - osteopenia/osteoporosis endurance/block.

alkalizing supplements

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