Anti-cellulitis Leggings

This category brings together leggings made with special patented fibers like Emana and Nilit Innergy, that help to counteract the all oatmeal skin phenomenon. Unlike many leggings in the trade, full of active ingredients that go away with the washes, Emana and Nilit Innergy are characterized by having nanoparticles of ceramic embedded in the fibers of polyamide: these  capture body heat that returnes it in the form of infrared rays (FIR) which penetrate deep into the dermis and lead to several benefits:

-improve the oxygenation of the tissues

-improve the appearance of "orange peel" skin

-reduce the extracellular water

-reduces the circumference of the buttocks and legs

-increase the smoothness of skin

-reduce the fat mass of the buttocks, hips and abdomen

-delay the onset of the anaerobic threshold by improving the performance

-counteracts lactic acid formation in training

(*effects are variable according to different individual factors)

The benefits of these leggings anti-cellulite are maintained over life of the leggings and do not vanish with frequent washing.

Anti-cellulite women leggings

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