Fantaleggins's centerpiece. Pantacollant, compressive leggings, spanx, shaping up but that always let skin breath by facilitating facilitando sweat deletion and e clothings drying avoiding the unpleasant plastic effect. Only clothing coming from South America: Brazil, Colombia, meaning the best productors of style and quality. Fantaleggins dresses demanding sporty woman, but also the woman that in her spare time wants to wear fashionable pantacollant and quality to always feel at ease. Fantaleggins offers fabrics that hide cellulitis imperfections that often are visible wearing a low quality legging. In addiction draper's compression shapes up the curves extolling them and hiding flaws. Outstanding fitting, sweating, UV protection, Supplex, Lycra, sewing and the mend details are Fantaleggins code words.

leggings, suits, tops and full set for sport. All high quality product

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